Iliad Translation

My translation of the the Iliad as I progress through Clyde Pharr’s Homeric Greek:

  1. Sing, o goddess, the rage of Achilles, son of Peleus
  2. destructive, making innumerable troubles for the Achaeans
  3. hurling to Hades many valiant souls
  4. of warriors and making them a spoil for the dogs
  5. and a fast for the birds, accomplishing the will of Zeus
  6. truly, from the time when first stood apart and quarreled
  7. Atrides, the ruler of men, and glorious Achilles.
  8. Who among the gods incited them to quarrel together?
  9. The son of Leto and Zeus. For he vexed the king
  10. stirring up an evil plague through the army, and killing the soldiers
  11. because Chryses the priest was disrespected
  12. for he came to the swift ships of the Achaeans
  13. to free his daughter with splendid ransoms,
  14. the wreath of the sharpshooter Apollo in his hands
  15. upon a golden scepter, and begging all the Achaeans,
  16. but most especially the two sons of Atreus, commanders of men.