David Withun, Ph.D., is an educator, historian, and author. He is the founding Head of School at Jacksonville Classical Academy. He is a veteran of the United States Army, and served two tours in Iraq. Dr. Withun has taught subjects such as History, Literature, and Humanities at classical schools and Literature, Composition, and Humanities at the college level. His writing has been published in a number of popular and academic outlets, including Classical Receptions Journal, Black Perspectives, Phylon, and Forma Journal. His first book, Co-workers in the Kingdom of Culture: Classics and Cosmopolitanism in the Thought of W. E. B. Du Bois is forthcoming from Oxford University Press. Dr. Withun’s research and writing discusses topics in historical and contemporary education, the continued relevance of ancient myth and thought for the modern day, and the accessibility of the liberal arts for all. He currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with his wife, Vanessa, who is an artist, and their three children.

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