The Great Books Reading Project begins now!

Happy New Year! The time has finally arrived. Today begins the decade long Great Books Reading Project. We will be taking up Adler’s suggested 10-year reading plan for the 60 volume Great Books of the Western World set. As I have mentioned previously, it does not include every page of the entire 60 volume set, but it does hit all of the highlights and encompasses more than half of the reading available there.

For those who are interested in joining me (whether for one, several, or all of the books), I will be hosting forum-style discussions of each of the works. Once a week or so I will post a video on my YouTube channel with my own comments and perhaps some questions on one or more of the books read that month. The discussion will then commence in the comments section of that video. I will also host a live video discussion of all of the works for that month via Google Hangouts on the last Sunday of each month at 8-10 pm EST. This month, that will be Sunday, January 25. I will post a link to the Google Hangout session on this blog at about 7:55 pm EST the evening of the discussion. If you would like me to send you an invitation by email, please post a comment with your email address here or send me an email at  I hope many of you will decide to join in as the Great Books always make for lively and interesting discussions!

If you do not already have a copy of the set, you can purchase your own copy of the Great Books for a fairly low price at many books websites, such as Amazon. I have also adapted Adler’s reading plan to a month-by-month schedule beginning January 2015 and ending December 2024; you can access that here.

For those you do not desire to buy the entire 60-volume set, I will provide links (when available) to each of the works we are reading at the beginning of each month. This month’s readings are:

I look forward to many great conversations on the Great Books over the coming years!

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