Book Review: The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

This is a book that I have been looking forward to reading for sometime. I am happy to report that I was not disappointed at all.

In this masterpiece of Christian literature, Bunyan returns to an earlier tradition of allegory in English storytelling while continuing in the new vein of more realistic portrayals of persons. While Bunyan adopts the earlier tradition of providing each character with a nomenclature clearly indicating the virtue or vice he or she represents, he nonetheless endows each with a certain complexity that reflects later developments in English literature. The result is a delightful study of human nature and the Christian life.

As the pilgrim, Christian, and, later, his wife, Christiana, advance from their homeland, a city doomed to destruction, to the eternal city, each encounters set of characters and places representative of the various obstacles and supports along the path of the Christian life. Each encounter provides some insight into the nature of the Christian life and the way it is to be lived.

This is essential reading for anyone interested in English and/or Christian literature.

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