Introduction to Western Civilization

Over the next several months, I will be posting a number of essays, lessons, and primary source selections designed to provide an introductory course in Western Civilization. The posts will appear as regular blog posts and links to each will be collected on a page I have created for this purpose. You can visit that page here.

It is written at the middle school level, but I expect that it can be used with younger children, with some modifications, as well as for high school students and adults who need a simplified introduction or refresher. I originally developed this course for use with my 6th grade students at a classical school. For some time, I considered publishing it as a textbook, but decided I want to make it as widely available as possible, even for those who cannot afford to buy such a thing as a textbook. With that in mind, I appreciate any support you can contribute for this project and your use of these materials, whether that support comes in the form of donations (see the PayPal button on the Introduction to Western Civilization page), comments and corrections, or other forms of feedback.

If you find this useful, please let me know. If you see flaws, please also let me know. Any compensation for your use of my work is not required, but is sincerely appreciated. If you use any of this, all that I ask is that you give credit where and when credit is due. Aside from that, this is free for you to use as you will. I would enjoy hearing about what use you have put this to with yourself, your children, and/or your students.

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