Review: Students Guide To Study Of History: History Guide

Students Guide To Study Of History: History Guide
Students Guide To Study Of History: History Guide by John A. Lukacs

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This short little book is a succinct and insightful introduction to the study of history for a student who is new to and considering pursuing the discipline. Lukacs explains in simple terms the importance of history, its place in the wider scope of human knowledge, and how it has been and should be approached by those interested in it.

This book is very helpful and valuable for someone considering entering into historical studies and/or becoming a professional historian. Lukacs provides bits of wisdom to the beginner that many do not realize until they are deep into their studies. In this, the book provides a head start into the study of history.

Near the close of the book Lukacs also provides a small treasure trove of suggested readings in the historians of ages past as well as of historians who study those ages. His wisdom and this list should more than get a beginning student of history started down the never ending road of learning and loving history.

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  1. I have this little book, essay really I suppose. It is a useful guide for anyone interested in studying history seriously. I would like to get my hands on more of these little guides put out by ISI.

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