Review: Christ and Prometheus by William F. Lynch

Lynch here, as elsewhere, presents a vision of the world and of man that is thoroughly incarnational. For Lynch, the event of the Incarnation, in which God became man in the person of Jesus Christ, as the event that indicates and determines the entire structure of the cosmos and of the microcosmos (the human being).

In this book, Lynch focuses on the tension between the sacred and the secular in the modern world, proposing a view of these as essentially Christological categories that must be brought into unity. Just as the ancients had to struggle to reconcile the primitive in man with civilization, the new struggle is to reconcile the religious and the secular impulses and their respective projects.

Lynch’s answer to this tension is to bring the two into a harmony in which neither swallows up the other. Rather, there must be a unity of human experience in which both impulses take part. Man must find his freedom in a world of objects and his whole being in a world of more and more minute specialization. Man, the whole man, must achieve unity and purity of experience.


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