Nobody sees Death

Nobody sees Death,
Nobody sees the face of Death,
Nobody hears the voice of Death.
Savage Death just cuts mankind down.
Sometimes we build a house, sometimes we make a nest,
But then brothers divide it upon inheritance.
Sometimes there is hostility in the land,
But then the river rises and brings flood-water.
Dragonflies drift on the river,
Their faces look upon the face of the Sun,
But then suddenly there is nothing.
The sleeping and the dead are just like each other,
Death’s picture cannot be drawn.
The primitive man is as any young man.
When they blessed me,
The Anunnaki, the great gods, assembled;
Mammitum who creates fate decreed destinies with them.
They appointed death and life.
They did not mark out days for death,
But they did so for life. 

Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet X


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