All the things in man’s world

All the things in man’s world are not good unless they are human and submitted to the laws of a human being. They must move through man. They have no unconditional or autonomous stage before they encounter man. The laws of economics and politics must be his laws, the laws of the human. There are no eternal laws of economics or politics to which he must submit, whether they be human or no. It cannot be said of him, though it is, that business is business and he must face it; or politics are politics and he must swallow it all; or war is war, with its own laws, and he must face all these things as though they were eternal laws of being and God. By the same token he cannot be told that modernization is modernization, with its own absolute, unconditional, and sacrosanct laws. 

Fr. William F. Lynch, Christ and Prometheus: A New Image of the Secular

, p. 53


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