Spirit of the Inquisition


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  1. It is evident that I possess the 'Inquisition Spirit'. However your perception of history is excellent and true, therefore this video greatly reforms my mentality, though this is not a revelation since your argument challenges my view on history: the expansion of Christendom; the death of a warrior class may seem obsolete to the greatness of Christendom, Constantine and also my Christian origins of my Ancestors. In the defence of my values; what about the spirit of Israel; the wars and their mentality against those who are not God's people.
    (My comments: William Kovach 1 week ago
    I cannot hug my friends in public cause I will be called gay. This insulting judgement destroys phillia: brotherly love.
    NB Phillia in history: the greatest soldiers fighting as brothers, for example: Caesar In Gaul and Plutarch's perspective of Phillia on this event of history.
    Since the US is the cultural command centre; I suppose that the American gay culture and perspective of the culture affects the whole western world. However in Australia, the mardi gras is a celebration event for homosexuality and films like 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' is an iconic Australian film. Aus has a very gay culture.)

    I do not like this culture just how I dislike the sex culture and other cultures set upon immortality. Though as your video reformed my mentality; what about the moral homosexuals. Now I realize how important pacifism is in this topic since I would least desire violence. Another problem I see, if the church dis allows gay marriage, would this separate and destroy God's love to homosexual humans. I now see how this excommunication may be the greatest of sin anti gay marriage.

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