Review: Critical Thinking –2002 publication.

Critical Thinking --2002 publication.
Critical Thinking –2002 publication. by Kevin Possin

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a good, fairly short introduction to logic. The author does a decent job of introducing the reader to the basics of the subject. I have only three complaints:

1. The author’s liberal positions on nearly everything shine through in the examples he uses and are an obnoxious distraction. He doesn’t even try to be impartial and irritates throughout.

2. The text was an e-text originally and then put into book form. No effort was made, apparently, to edit the text appropriately when this was done, and so throughout the text he references reading the text on your computer and references his book as an e-text. That’s just laziness.

3. The author’s consistent use of internet discussion board shorthand like “BTW” and smiley faces “:-)” is distracting, unnecessary, and unprofessional. It doesn’t make him seem cool and up-to-date; it makes him seem pathetic and out-of-touch.

While the text does a good job of introducing its topic, I would not recommend it for these reasons. There are others texts out there that do a similar or better quality job of introducing the reader to logic and yet do not have the annoying distractions this book has.

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