Grab bag #4

the “Hail Mary” is prayed approximately 50 million times a day all over the world (source)

“Hatred can never put an end to hatred; love alone can. This is an eternal law.” – The Buddha
, The Dhammapada 1.5

Historians estimate that 20% of infant girls in ancient Athens were left to die by exposure shortly after their birth. (source)

(in the photograph: St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco serving serving the Divine Liturgy of St. Germanus of Paris – Gallican Rite in France; source)

“I have learnt through bitter experience the one supreme lesson to conserve my anger, and as heat conserved is transmuted into energy, even so our anger controlled can be transmuted into a power which can move the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi (source)

Jesus Christ was mentioned in 1.3% of media coverage of Christmas-related stories on American television (source)

“I know from my own personal experience that Christ is risen and that therefore everything that is said about him in the Gospel is true.” – Metropolitan Anthony Bloom (source)

“As a rule, it is dangerous to accord too large a role to high-profile individuals in shaping the course of history. At times, however, a particular person does seem to bear an extraordinary share of the responsibility for the way things turn out.” – Sarah Pomeroy (source)

“The man who accepts Western values absolutely, finds his creative faculties becoming so warped and stunted that he is almost completely dependent on external satisfactions, and the moment he becomes frustrated in his search for these, he begins to develop neurotic symptoms, to feel that life is not worth living, and in chronic cases, to take his own life.” – Paul Robeson (source)

“By this time you will have noticed that the human being’s heaven has been thought out and constructed upon an absolutely definite plan; and that this plan is, that it shall contain, in labored detail, each and every imaginable thing that is repulsive to a man, and not a single thing he likes!” – Mark Twain (source)
(in this photo: The Miracle-Working Icon of the the All-Holy Theotokos in Bethlehem; source)

“Plato possessed the art to dress up illiberal suggestions in such a way that they deceived future ages, which admired the Republic without ever becoming aware of what was involved in its proposals. It has always been correct to praise Plato, but not to understand him.” – Bertrand Russell (source)

“Christ lives in the Orthodox Church alone.” – Fyodor Dostoyevsky (source)

(in this photograph: a crowd of Coptic Orthodox Christians shortly after the 1/1/11 attack in Alexandria; the man in the foreground is holding a white cloth with a cross drawn with the blood of one of the Holy 21 New-Martyrs; source)

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