Hell and God’s love

“Those who find themselves in gehenna will be chastized with the scourge of love. How cruel and bitter this torment of love will be! For those who understand that they have sinned against love, undergo greater sufferings than those produced by the most fearful tortures. The sorrow which takes hold of the heart which has sinned against love, is more piercing than any other pain. It is not right to say that the sinners in hell are deprived of the love of God. … But love acts in two different ways, as suffering in the reproved, and as joy in the blessed.” – St. Isaac of Syria

6 thoughts on “Hell and God’s love”

  1. I'm not sure that works, because hell is often described as an outer darkness, the lake of fire is described as outside, and then you have 2nd Thessalonians 1:9…

    That and it's kinda corny for god to scourge people with the power of love…

    That said, this is my favourite blog :).

  2. Anyone can just use a scripture verse out of context to prove a point. Take Revelation 14:10 for example to rebut 2 Thessalonians 1:9. Who's right? Does the Bible contradict itself?

    This is why I trust the post made here by St. Isaac of Syria – a godly man who knows both Scripture and the Lord much more than we do.

    Any why is it “corny” for God to “scourge people with the power of love”? Does the Bible not say that God is love? So does God use “love” as a tool, or it in some way He Himself?

    I encourage you to stand on the shoulders of those faithful who came before us instead of confronting them to their face in naive superiority, as so many 21st century Americans are prone to do.

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