Grab bag #3

“It is chloroform in print.” – Mark Twain on the Book of Mormon
“He who eats the skin of his own body, that is, a scab, or the vermin which are called lice, or his own excreta — with the imposition of the hands of the bishop he shall do penance for an entire year on bread and water.” – Penitential of Cummean (Irish), c. 650 CE

(in this photo: top center is a forensic reconstruction of the face of St. Nicholas of Myra; the other images are from Orthodox icons of the saint. source)

“He is admired for having raised himself from being a camel-driver to be a pontiff, a legislator and a monarch; for having subdued Arabia, which had never before been subjugated; for having given the first shock to the Roman Empire in the East; and I admire him still more for having kept peace in his house amongst his wives.” – Voltaire on Muhammad

Satan has distorted so much the theology of the heretics and those supposed Orthodox influenced by the West, to the point where some think that salvation is not from the dominion and grasp of the enemy, but of God. God became man in order to save us from Himself! – Fr. John Romanides

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