Grab bag #2

The catechumen or faithful who wants to become a soldier is to be rejected, for he has despised God. – St. Hippolytus of Rome, The Apostolic Tradition

Sellers of indulgence certificates were as common a fixture on the ecclesiastical scene of 1500 as stock and bond salesmen are today, and Martin Luther dramatized his revolt against Rome in 1517 … by making a fuss about a particularly aggressive local indulgence seller, as if we would want to abandon capitalism today because a brash Wall Street salesman phoned us during the dinner hour. – Norman F. Cantor, Civilization of the Middle Ages

The partner of one’s life, the mother of one’s children, the foundation of one’s every joy, one ought never to chain down by fear and menaces, but with love and good temper.St. John Chrysostom, Homily XX on Ephesians

(in the photo: recently rediscovered relics of St. John the Forerunner [aka the Baptist], uncovered during archaeological excavations in a medieval monastery in Bulgaria)

“During Saddam Hussein, we were living in peace. Nobody attacked us … Now nobody protects us.” – Archbishop Athanasios Dawood of the Syriac Orthodox Church

(in the photo: mourners carry the coffin of one of the 58 people killed in the October 31 attack on worshipers in Our Lady of Salvation Syriac Catholic Church in Baghdad, Iraq)

2 thoughts on “Grab bag #2”

  1. The catechumen or faithful who wants to become a soldier is to be rejected

    A good thing you were _already_ in the military BEFORE you became a catechumen.. 🙂 — this way you managed to rabinically follow the letter of the law while at the same time talmudically rejecting its spirit.. 😀

  2. Not every written word of any particular Church Father is a “law” applicable to a particular situation today. It is the work of the Holy Spirit through the Priest and his Bishop to apply grace and mercy case by case.

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