Africans ain’t buying it

In spite of the incessant propaganda telling us that Islam and Christianity are really “very similar,” Africans, living on a continent where Muslims and Christians live close enough to each other to know better, ain’t buying it. I’m with them.



  1. Yeah, but many Muslims, when they think of Christianity, they think of WASPs. And uncovered women, tatooed disrespectful teenagers, whores and homosexuals, etc.

  2. I totally and 100%ly agree David, but I'm somewhat silent on the issue due to my parish being mostly Arab in nature. They tend to have a tendency to side with muslims for the sake of peace. Although even many of them know how harsh Islam can be.

    I've noticed that the Serbs, Russians, and Copts are very outspoken when it comes to the true nature of Islam, but the Syrians are not.

    And so, I refuse to talk about it… least for now.

    Christ is Risen!

  3. Neither devout Muslims or devout Christians think we are the same (though I will be the first to say that Islam as a religion is not necessarily any worse than secular humanism, Buddhism, etc..etc). It's merely a society longing for ecumenical liberalism that wishes we could all be the same….

  4. Sure, but the two are closer to each other than to barbaric animist beliefs and each, even from a secular point of view, represent a more advanced stage of civilisation.

    Jnorm888, maybe these Arab Christians side with Muslims in geopolitics because THEY ARE FROM THE SAME COUNTRIES and both are victims of Israeli and American aggression which does not discriminate on the basis of faith. This does not mean they don't see solid differences between their faith and Islam, and would not hesitate to side with other true Christians.

    Russian Christians are not in my experience very excited one way or the other by Islam. Unfortunately, some ROCOR converts bring their neoconservative baggage with them.

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