Laugh of the day

I got a kick out of reading this today. This was written by a Jesuit missionary to Ethiopia in the mid-17th century, when Western Europe was just beginning to re-figure out that there were Christians outside of Europe (duh). Witness the wonders of cultural isolation.

They are possessed with a strange notion that they are the only true Christians in the world; as for us, they shunned us as heretics, and were under the greatest surprise at hearing us mention the Virgin Mary with the respect which is due to her, and told us that we could not be entirely barbarians since we were acquainted with the mother of God. It plainly appears that prepossessions so strong, which receive more strength from the ignorance of the people, have very little tendency to dispose them to a reunion with the Catholic Church.

(from Father Jerome Lobo’s “Voyage to Abyssinia”)



  1. I was referring to the cultural isolation and ignorance on both sides 😉 I don't think I made that clear enough; my apologies.

    A few paragraphs later he describes how the Ethiopians were offended at the Portuguese custom of spitting during certain points in the Mass/Liturgy. Got a kick out of that too…

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