7 thoughts on “St. Tikhon’s Monastery”

  1. Thanks for posting this! I would love to go to Saint Tikhon's one day, but the way things are looking it looks like Holy Cross is going to be the main place for future AOCANA clergy and seminarians.

    I know a subdeacon who goes to Saint Tikhon's. I think this is his last year.

    Our friend Tony Allen, visited Holy Cross some months ago, and so, he may be headed for seminary soon.

    Thanks for posting this vid!


  2. Jnorm:

    What does AOCANA stand for. I'm learning that there are many acronyms in Orthodoxy. 🙂


    Yes, it was a marvelous, near heavenly experience. I'd never seen so many cassocks in one place! And then when everyone began singing…I thought I was away from earth for awhile.

  3. Darlene:

    You think there's too many acronyms in Orthodoxy, try the Army! Everything's an acronym!

    (with apologies to Jnorm for answering on his behalf) AOCANA stands for “Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America,” generally just referred to as the “Antiochian Archdiocese.”

  4. Darlene,

    Antiochian Orthodox Church Archdiocese of North America

    Maybe I should of just used “AOA” instead of the longer acronym of “AOCANA”. The parish I'm in is AOCANA.

    OCA stands for Orthodox Church of America, both St. Tikhon's and Saint Vlad's is owned by them…..and most of the Orthodox I know in the brotherhood of SaintMoses the black is also mostly from OCA parishes.

    GOA stands for Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of the Americas, Holy Cross college and Seminary is owned by them. Also our friend Toney Allen is GOA.

    ROCOR stands for Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia, they have a seminary in New York. I forgot the name of it, but they also have alot of monasteries all over the planet. They tend to be more traditional…….strict.

    There are others like the Serbian, Ukrianian…etc. Pretty much all the ones under SCOBA


  5. David,

    Ah, yes, I know about the Army. Both of my parents met in the Army, married while in the Army (their wedding picture has both mom and dad wearing uniforms), and argued about the Army. My father remembered the Army fondly while my mother had very umpleasant memories of same.

    And teachers use many acronyms as well. Just look at a teacher's formal lesson plans to proove my point. 🙂


    Ok. I know all the other abbreviations you mentioned. 🙂 Anyway, there's so much more to Orthodoxy than learning acronyms, SO much more! Wouldn't you agree?

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