Third cross-examination question

Rhology, my final cross-examination question should be a quick one for you to answer. You have stated previously that while the Apostles and early Christians did not practice Sola Scriptura (and were, in fact, incapable of practicing it) the Church was expected to believe in Sola Scriptura once it had entered what you call its “normative state.” In what year did the Church enter its “normative state” and Sola Scriptura become possible?

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My new office & 3 questions

Now that I’ve finally got my office all set up, I made this video to show it off a little bit and also to answer three questions that continue to reoccur in the comments and messages I receive in response to my videos and blogs posts:

1. Where do I get the information I use in my videos?
2. What are my thoughts on the calendar issue and on ecumenism?
3. Do Orthodox consider non-Orthodox to be part of the Church?

Thanks very much to everyone for watching my videos and thanks especially to those of you who have e-mailed me and sent messages of encouragement. I really do appreciate it.

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St. Hesychios the Priest on watchfulness

“One type of watchfulness consists in closely scrutinizing every mental image or provocation; for only by means of a mental image can Satan fabricate an evil thought and insinuate this into the intellect in order to lead it astray. A second type of watchfulness consists in freeing the heart from all thoughts, keeping it profoundly silent and still, and in praying. A third type consists in continually and humbly calling upon the Lord Jesus Christ for help. A fourth type is always to have the thought of death in one’s mind.” – St. Hesychios the Priest, On Watchfulness and Holiness, 14-17