Georgia or bust

The movers picked up all of our things on Monday; I signed my last bit of the stacks of paperwork it takes to release me from Fort Hood yesterday (free at last!); and today we’re on the road. In a lot of ways I’m very happy to be going. We visited Augusta, near Fort Gordon (where I’ve been re-stationed to by the Army), back in June and it’s beautiful (not to mention family-friendly, which we haven’t had in the Killeen-Fort Hood area). The move also puts us a lot closer to both of our families, especially mine, which is now only a six-hour drive down south to Florida, instead of the 24-hour drive it was from Texas.

But I’m also sad, as is my wife, to have to say good-bye to so many good friends (and even a few of my co-workers). We’re really going to miss everyone (and Isaiah is really going to miss his Nouna).

I’ve lived significant periods of time (a year or more) in five different states thus far — and it’s always really hard to leave people behind whom you’ve grown accustomed to seeing so frequently and gotten close to. I’m sure we’ll come back to visit, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult.

Well… Georgia, here we come!

2 thoughts on “Georgia or bust”

  1. I wish you well on the move to Georgia. It is a wonderful place to live. Infact, Tony Allen moved to Georgia some months ago as well.

    I wish I lived in the south again. I miss it. But I wish your family well, and I know you will love it in Georgia. Take care!


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