Abba Moses on Faith and works

“Fasts and vigils, the study of Scripture, renouncing possessions and everything worldly are not in themselves perfection, as we have said; they are its tools. For perfection is not to be found in them; it is acquired through them. It is useless, therefore, to boast of our fasting, vigils, poverty, and reading of Scripture when we have not achieved the love of God and our fellow men. Whoever has achieved love has God within himself and his intellect is always with God.” – St. Moses of Ethiopia, in St. John Cassian, On the Holy Fathers of Sketis

One thought on “Abba Moses on Faith and works”

  1. Amen! Even if we deliver our bodies to be burned and have not love we are nothing, St. Paul warns us.

    I am learning a hard lesson these days on the importance of all that I do to be motivated from a heart of love, love for Christ and for my fellow humnan beings. Such love is not trivial, and to be living in it one has to examine themselves continually.

    The moment I stray from Christ's love and compassion, I become a merciless person and one who obscures the light of the Gospel. Each Sunday as I hear the Beatitudes in Divine Liturgy, I am reminded of the HIGH calling we have to reflect Christ to all with whom we come in contact.

    May I be worthy of such an awesome responsibility.

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