Law given through angels

Another entry in the list of extra-biblical traditions in the New Testament.

“Who have received the law by the direction of angels and have not kept it.” – Acts 7:53

“And He said to the angel of the presence: Write for Moses from the beginning of creation till My sanctuary has been built among them for all eternity.” – Book of Jubilees 1:27-28

As with the previous verses from St. Stephen’s speech, the relationship here is probably not one of direct reliance but of a common root source in Jewish oral tradition. The verse here from Jubilees, though, is the first written source we have for the claim that the law (that is, the Torah, or first five books of the Old Testament, which were written by the Prophet Moses) was given through angels. St. Paul makes the same claim, probably drawing on the same Jewish oral tradition, in Galatians 3:19.

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