Only my son…

My son, Isaiah, will be four years old later this month. As long as we’ve been Orthodox, we’ve never had a problem getting him actively involved in either church or prayer at home. He picked up crossing himself, bowing, and kissing Icons all on his own, and he really enjoys doing it. He reminds my wife and I to pray before bedtime more than we remind him. I think he’s the only kid I’ve ever seen who is excited to get up early on Sunday mornings to go to church.

He’s also never been what you might call a “quiet” kid. He’s not shy about making his opinions known, and that applies at church as much as anywhere else. Past exploits include a loud (and rather badly timed) exclamation of “no way!” after the words “changing them by thy Holy Spirit” during the Anaphora and running to center of the nave to greet his godmother with a loud “hi, Noona!” right after the opening of the Liturgy with “blessed is the Kingdom…”.

Today produced the best Isaiahism yet, though, as he decided to give us all his thoughts on Communion. After receiving Communion, he looked up at Father with a big smile on his face and loudly proclaimed, “Mmmm, yummy!”. If only he’d have been born a few hundred years earlier, I think that would rank up there with “transubstantiation” in the lexicon of Eucharistic terminology; my son’s a little theologian, isn’t he?

3 thoughts on “Only my son…”

  1. Oh, I wish I had been there for that! How sweet. Kids are great and their faith so pure. I remember asking Felicia when she was 4 why she like Church so much. I thought she might say Sunday School or friends or something social, but no her reason for loving church was taking Communion. Same with John, he can't wait for Communion time.

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