A little late with this one, but: Please pray for Serbia and its Christians!. The Western world has once again sold out its own to the Muslims, and created the first Islamic state in Europe, one with known ties to well-known terrorists, including Osama bin Laden himself. One hundred years from now, I believe, the West will look upon this day as their greatest mistake…

Update: Check out this quote (thanks to Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch): “There is no doubt that the independence of Kosovo will be an asset to the Muslim world and further enhance the joint Islamic action” – Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu. Kosovo is just the beginning.

4 thoughts on “Kosovo…”

  1. Kosovo is far from an Islamic state. The people there are not very religious (by this standard why is Albania not the first Muslim state?).

    Kosovo was created by the West not out of political correctness (that is always just a cover for our weakminded, easily manipulated populace to support something very un-PC geopolitically). Kosovo has been created as a criminal/imperial outpost. Kosovo is the hub of the European drug trade and sex-slave trafficking.

    Now why and how could a little poor place with so many soldiers be a criminal outpost? Well, that already answers 'how'. The KLA was an organisation with communist roots that turned into a mere criminal gang financed by drug running and, ultimately, by the CIA. It was never Islamist though religious identity came to be used as a parallel to national identity. The soldiers protect this criminal empire.

    But why? Drug running through Europe finances illegal intelligence operations. Everybody knows opium production has increased 10 fold since we got rid of the Taliban. “We” (Western intelligence) protect the opium crop there and ship it abroad. It is an old game with new faces and places.

    If you don't believe me, research the matter. There are very criminal forces behind much of our foreign policy. Neoconservatism is insane, but ultimately a lie…we don't fight for democracy around the world. The idea of fighting Islam is a lie (the same warmongers were for bombing Serbia). The idea of fighting for political correctness is also a lie, it is just cover for the moderate-to-liberal half of the public.

  2. While Kosovo has Islamic ties, to be sure (I agree completely with Thomas), most of the Islamic world doesn't care for it. This is why many Islamic countries haven't recognized it: Kosovo is basically a sock puppet of the US and Zionism.

    Normally this is a hot button topic for me, but I have nothing to add that Thomas hasn't already said.

  3. I think the West's main goals in creating Kosovo center around:

    1) Creating a green corridor where millions of Muslim Arabs and Turks can filter into Europe and Serbia, destabilizing major sections of the continent. A destabilized continent makes for easy pickings for the New World Order.

    2) Synagogue of Satanist Madeline Albright openly admitted that she wanted to destroy religious and political nationalism (translation: if you love your country and if you love your God, we'll bomb you next!)

    3) However, it is true that the Regime (NWO) allowed Al-Qaeda to operate in Bosnia, including the Clinton Regime importing millions of Iranians into Bosnia.

  4. I am not sure that “millions” of Iranians filtered in and out of Bosnia, though it is a proven and known fact that Al Qa'ida (Sunni-led, though, not Iranian) was operating there and there is a video of President Izetbegovic encouraging mujahadin.

    It is entirely true that the NWO uses Muslim immigrants to destabilise Europe ***in the same way they use Latin Americans to destabilise the USA*** (in fact, a lot of anti-Islamist neocons who complain about Europe are very pro-3rd world immigration here).

    That said, I do not think many of these immigrants use Kosovo as a transit space. At least, I have not heard of this (UK has Pakis who come straight from Pakistan, in Germany they come straight from rural Turkey, in France from the Maghreb directly). The openly criminal, mafiosi elements do, but these are not Islamic radicals from Yemen with their 3 wives and 15 children, simply Albanian and Turkish tough guys into raping and exploiting women. If you read about the worst human trafficking cases in West Europe, 90% of the time they involve Albanian gangsters (but mostly Slavic or Romanian – Orthodox – women).

    And that really is the point – Kosovo is the transit area for human trafficking and the European heroin market. The NATO occupational troops defend this mafia, and, though I doubt many are aware of that fact, they are corrupted by it. How many times have they caught soldiers there visiting underage prostitutes? Where do these girls come from and where are they going?

    But it is not about Islam per se. The NWO targets Islam and Orthodox Christianity both. Its power base is in secularised ex-Protestant North Europe, the mammon- and power-worshipping Protestant US, and secularised psuedo-Jewish Israel. Islam is a small threat that would be ridiculous if the NWO did not use Al Qa'ida as footsoldiers. It is important to emphasise the righteousness of Christianity but not to feed into the provocations of the Christian v. Islam wars propagated by the *atheist* media.

    And you are certainly right that the nation-state is the enemy. Serbia was targeted partly because it was more independent than it was supposed to be; it did not always follow orders. It had corruption and was not entirely innocent during the wars, but it was not a debt-slave domesticated servant of the IMF. Since they caved in over there under carrot-and-stick pressure, they haven't gotten anything either – more citizens abducted and killed in the Hague, no real financial aid, no chance to get into the EU, fixed elections, a now co-opted opposition (after they took out Seselj). If resistance was hard, compliance is devastating.

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